Avance del atlas cartográfico de los endemismos canarios

  1. García Gallo, Antonio
  2. Acebes Ginovés, Juan Ramón
  3. Vera Galván, Manuel Angel
  4. Marrero Gómez, Manuel V.
  5. Pérez de Paz, Pedro Luis
Itinera geobotanica

ISSN: 0213-8530

Year of publication: 1993

Issue: 7

Pages: 405-436

Type: Article

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In this paper we show the chorology of 30 random choiced endemisms from Tenerife (Canary Islands). These maps constitute the first outcome of a proyect which goal is to make an original automated cartography of the rich Canary Islands flora. The cartographyc background hass been taken from the 1 Km2 U.T.M. grid.