El proyecto de San Blas (San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife)revalorización del patrimonio arqueológico

  1. María Esther Chávez Álvarez
  2. Francisco Pérez Caamaño
  3. Elena Pérez González
  4. Javier Soler Segura
  5. Amaya Goñi Quinteiro
  6. Antonio Tejera Gaspar
Tabona: Revista de Prehistoria y de Arqueología

ISSN: 0213-2818

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 18

Pages: 121-133

Type: Article

Export: RIS


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  • Social Sciences: D


This paper describes the experience about the project "Management Models for Natural and Cultural Heritage of San Blas (San Miguel, Tenerife)" as an example of appreciation of the Archeological and hence, a new management model of this type of goods, motivated by the rise of the value of Cultural Heritage. This characterization shows the analyzed site through main scientific data of the intervention as well as the agreement between business interests and research.