Criteria and recommendations for capturing and presenting soil profile images in order to create a database of soil images.

  1. Ortiz, O.
  2. Porta Casanellas, Jaume
  3. Arbelo Rodríguez, Carmen Dolores
Spanish Journal of Soil Science: SJSS

ISSN: 2253-6574

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Pages: 112-126

Type: Article

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This work aims to improve the skills of soil scientists in taking photographs of soil profiles for teaching and publishing scientific works. The authors have compiled a set of instructions, recommendations and tips that cover the process from the photographic capture to the selection of an appropriate file format to store or publish a picture, through to editing and post-processing the images. The main topics covered in this paper concern the physical position of the camera when shooting soil profiles, the basic adjustments of the camera, the basic retouching actions, and a list of tips and errors to be avoided.