Primera aportación al conocimiento del cultivo de la Criada (Terfezia sp) sobre el turmero (Helianthemun canariense) en la isla de Fuerteventura

  1. Castañeyra Ruiz, Leandro
  2. Martínez, Beneharo
  3. Couto Yáñez, Ángel
  4. Vera Lima, José Antonio de
  5. Frías Viera, Juan Ignacio
Majorensis: Revista Electrónica de Ciencia y Tecnología

ISSN: 1697-5529

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 5

Pages: 18-24

Type: Article

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From 2005 numerous ascomycetes of character hypogeum have been described, in Fuerteventura's island, of between which stand out the different species of the kind Terfezia, which grow in association with some Helianthemun of the zone. These fungi, also known as "criadas" or truffles of the desert, have a potential agronomic value. Nevertheless up to the accomplishment of this work there has not been realized any study that contemplates the possibility of exploiting this resource for Fuerteventura's island. The aim of this work was to fulfil a micorrización (association between the mushroom and the plant) controlled and to make an application of this knowledge on the agronomic development of both organisms. For the development of this work, the spores were obtained from Terfezia's SP gathered in the country size, them they were mixed in distilled water with a concentration of 10 grams/liter. Later they were inoculated 5ml with this dissolution to every cultivated Helianthemun. For checking the micorrization a stained Blue Tripan was realized according to the methodology described for Koske & Gemma (1989). Finally a highest percentage of micorrization was observed, which suggests that the obtaining of Terfezias, in an agricultural way might develop positively as an economic alternative for Fuerteventura's island.