Extracción de colorantes naturales a partir de la cochinilla (Dactylopius coccus) de Lanzarote

  1. María Emma Borges Chinea
  2. Raquel Leticia Tejera Pérez
  3. Laura Díaz
  4. Pedro Esparza Ferrera
  5. Miguel Herrero
  6. Elena Ibáñez
Estudios Canarios: Anuario del Instituto de Estudios Canarios

ISSN: 0423-4804

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 55

Pages: 253-278

Type: Article

Export: RIS


The discussion about the origin of the Canarian and Colonial balconies has been a recurring theme in the studies on the Canarian and Colonial architecture. Many have forgotten or ignored the Canarian balconies. is paper develops a critical study of the discussion on the origin of these balconies across sources about the Canarian and Colonial architecture and and relates the balconies’ antecedents in traditional architectures of the Iberian Peninsula. First, we analyze the open balconies, as solanas and galleries –balconies facing south–, and, secondly, we study the closed with lattice woodwork with oriental influence: aximez and mašrabiyya.