Evaluación del Proyecto Newton. “Matemáticas para la Vida” de 3º a 6º de Educación Primaria

  1. Atteneri López 2
  2. Ramón Aciego 2
  3. Manuel García-Déniz 3
  4. Domingo García-Quintero 4
  5. Eladio Ramos 1
  1. 1 Consejo Escolar de Canarias (España)
  2. 2 Universidad de La Laguna (España)
  3. 3 (Sociedad Canaria Isaac Newton de Profesores de Matemáticas (España)
  4. 4 Consejería de Educación. Gobierno de Canarias (España)
Números: Revista de didáctica de las matemáticas

ISSN: 0212-3096 1887-1984

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 95

Pages: 43-59

Type: Article

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It evaluates the impact of the “Newton Mathematics Project for life” for teachers and students 3rd to 6th the primary school (Tenerife, Spain). Teachers are interested in the project and his exploitation. To assess their impact on students, a transversal and quasiexperimental design is done with four groups: consolidated (N = 76), nearlyconsolidated (N = 210), new incorporation (N = 63) and control (N = 89). It is found statistically significant improvements on the processes of problem solving and school adjustment in students whose teachers participated in this formative action. These improvements will increase as teachers take longer involved in the project.