Evaluación de la satisfacción con el rol laboral en mujeres y hombres

  1. María Pilar Matud Aznar
Salud de los Trabajadores

ISSN: 1315-0138

Year of publication: 2016

Volume: 24

Issue: 1

Pages: 17-26

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D


This study presents the validation of the Work Role Satisfaction Inventory (WRS), an instrument consisting of 5 open-response items whereby qualitative responses are transformed into quantitative scores by means of a coding system. The study is cross-sectional and the sample included 2618 men and 2600 women in different types of employment, ages 19 to 60 years, who voluntarily participated in the study. Results revealed that, in both men and women, the WRS responses conformed a single dimension whose internal consistency was satisfactory. In both genders, work role satisfaction was significantly associated, although with a small to moderate effect size, with higher overall life satisfaction and self-esteem, with less neuroticism and fewer depressive, anxiety and somatic symptoms, and with less social dysfunction as well. We conclude that the WRS is a valid instrument for the evaluation of women’s and men’s satisfaction with their work role.