OntoEnrich: Una plataforma para el análisis léxico de ontologías orientado a su enriquecimiento axiomático

  1. Manuel Quesada Martínez
  2. Dagoberto Castellanos Nieves
  3. Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis
Procesamiento del lenguaje natural

ISSN: 1135-5948

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 59

Pages: 171-174

Type: Article

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We present OntoEnrich, an online platform for the automatic detection and guided analysis of lexical regularities in ontology labels. An analysis guided by these regularities permits users to explore different lexical and semantic aspects as the application of the OBO Foundry principles in biomedical ontologies. The goal of this demonstration is to show some use cases obtained after applying OntoEnrich in two relevant biomedical ontologies such as Gene Ontology and SNOMED CT. Thus, we will show how the performed analysis could be used to elucidate hidden semantics from the natural language fragments (human-friendly), and how this could be used to enrich the ontology by generating new logical axioms (machine-friendly).