Debut ocular de neuro-Behçet no parenquimatoso

  1. Pedro Rocha Cabrera
  2. Denisse Ángel Pereira
  3. M. J. Losada Castillo
  4. Beatriz Rodríguez Lozano
  5. V. Lozano López
  6. Jacob Lorenzo Morales
Archivos de la Sociedad Canaria de Oftalmología

ISSN: 0211-2698

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 28

Pages: 42-45

Type: Article


Case report: A 57-year-old woman suffering from headache, painful lingual sore and progressive bilateral visual acuity loss of 15 days of evolution. Asymmetric bilateral papillitis was observed with neuroimaging data suggestive of right papillitis, receiving treatment with boluses of methylprednisolone. The analytical results highlights HLA-B51 positive, anti-Ro positive and proteinorrachia. Subsequently performed subdural hematoma, requiring drainage by neurosurgery with successful result. Discussion: The neuro-Behçet’s parenchymal disease predominantly affects the brainstem and the basal ganglia. The non-parenchyma may cause dural sinus thrombosis, aseptic meningitis and small vessel vasculitis as the case presented