Actualización en esofagitis eosinofílicapasado, presente y futuro

  1. Marta García del Pino
  2. Ana Belén Caparrós Nieto
  3. Honorio Miguel Armas Ramos
Canarias Pediátrica

ISSN: 1131-6128

Year of publication: 2019

Volume: 43

Issue: 1

Pages: 45-51

Type: Article


Eosinophilic esophagitis is an entity that has increased its prevalence in recent years, becoming the second cause of esophageal dysfunction, and the first of dysphagia and food impaction in children and young adults. Therefore, new updating guides have emerged in which the diagnostic protocol and its treatment have been modified fundamentally. As main changes in the diagnosis, the diagnostic test with PPIs has been eliminated and the anatomy pathology of biopsy collected by endoscopy is considered indispensable, with an eosinophil count greater than 15 per high-power field. Regarding the treatment, the empirical elimination diets (the diets guided by the allergy test), the PPIs and the swallowed glucocorticoids have not been shown within the same therapeutic step, giv- ing the patient different options and taking the decision in consensus