Ingenieros del Antropoceno digitalla enseñanza de las ingenierías en una época incierta

  1. José Manuel de Cózar Escalante
CTS: Revista iberoamericana de ciencia, tecnología y sociedad

ISSN: 1668-0030

Year of publication: 2019

Volume: 14

Issue: 41

Pages: 185-196

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


Although it has not been officially approved, the idea that we have now entered the Anthropocene era is becoming more widely accepted. This refers to a geological epoch in which human beings have the capacity to modify the Earth’s system as a whole. Because technology plays a fundamental role in this transformation, it is crucial to reflect on the consequences, both positive and undesired, of emerging technologies, including digital technologies. Many hopes have been placed on digital technologies when it comes to reversing the troubling paths of the Anthropocene, but there are also voices that warn of the bleaker dimension of the “digital Anthropocene”. With this in mind, engineering education should include the study and analysis of these topics, so that future engineers will be able to efficiently deal with the problems they encounter in the performance of their professional duties. It is necessary to promote a rapprochement between the new digital and environmental humanities and the technical qualifications, so that they can collaborate in the resolution of the problems of this new era.