Preliminary studies of the electrochemical performance of Pt/X@MoO 3/C (X = Mo2C, MoO2, Mo0) catalysts for the anode of a DMFC: Influence of the Pt loading and Mo-phase

  1. Guillén-Villafuerte, O.
  2. García, G.
  3. Rodríguez, J.L.
  4. Pastor, E.
  5. Guil-López, R.
  6. Nieto, E.
  7. Fierro, J.L.G.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

ISSN: 0360-3199

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 38

Issue: 19

Pages: 7811-7821

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1016/J.IJHYDENE.2013.04.083 GOOGLE SCHOLAR