Ecología microbiana y limnología en la laguna Cisó: 1976-1989

  1. Josep Mas Pla
  2. Josep M. Gasol
  3. Carles Pedrós-Alió
  4. Ricardo Guerrero Lemus
Scientia gerundensis

ISSN: 2385-4758 0213-5930

Year of publication: 1990

Issue: 16-1

Pages: 155-178

Type: Article

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A general view of Lake Cisó ecology is given in this work after 13 years of study. All that is known about the physical environment of the Lake is reviewed, as well as the organisms inhabiting it, and the biological processes in which they are involved. Finally, the ecology of phototrophic bacterial populations and the ecology of the alga1 protist Cryptomonas phaseolus is reviewed, specifically the diel and annual cycles of both populations, light competition between organisms, the growing and maintenance of the bacterial plate, and the populations' vertical structure.