Comportamiento de ceras utilizadas en la microfusión, tras su calentamiento por microondas: técnica de la cascarilla cerámica

  1. Francisco Moreno Candel
  2. Fátima Felisa Acosta Hernández
  3. Itahisa Pérez Conesa
Técnica industrial

ISSN: 0040-1838

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 326

Pages: 28-37

Type: Article

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This work addresses specific methodologies to study the descent of artistic pieces by microwave heating. In order to get it, more than 150 tests have been carried out to compare the behavior of the different waxes, such as specimen dimensions and geometries. The objective is based on studying the employability of the microwave as an alternative oven in small-sized pieces such as jewelry pieces or small metal sculptures by using the technique of shell ceramics. This proposal is based on a research project of the University of La Laguna. The realization of this work introduces the viability of this technology to the fields of specific financing, studying its application to specific materials and techniques.