Identidad nobiliaria y legitimación del poder a través de los archivos de familia

  1. Judit Gutiérrez de Armas
Monarquías en conflicto: linajes y noblezas en la articulación de la monarquía hispánica
  1. José Ignacio Fortea Pérez (coord.)
  2. Juan E. Gelabert (coord.)
  3. Roberto López Vela (coord.)
  4. Elena Postigo Castellanos (coord.)

Publisher: Fundación Española de Historia Moderna

ISBN: 978-84-949424-1-9

Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 2

Pages: 659-670

Congress: Monarquías en conflicto: linajes y noblezas en la articulación de la Monarquía Hispánica (15. 2018. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper

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This paper, more than a presentation of definitive results, is a work-in-progress of one of the central aspects of my doctoral thesis, focused on family archives in the Canary Islands and its role in the construction of memory and nobility identity in the Modern Age. This investigation follows one of the lines of research developed by the Historical Archival, the Social History of the Archives and the Documentary Turn: the use of the archive for the construction of identity(ies), social distinction and legitimation of the domain, from the perspective of family archives, understood as historical constructions and places of power. For this purpose, a proposal for analysis of the family archives and the first results obtained through the case study of the Conde de Siete Fuentes’ funds will be presented.