El discurso del cuerpo sobre la difusión del conocimiento anatómico(Tenerife, siglos XIX y XX)

  1. Emilia María Carmona Calero
  2. Catarina Alexandra Costa Rodrigues
Tebeto: Anuario del Archivo Histórico Insular de Fuerteventura

ISSN: 1134-430X

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 21

Pages: 147-184

Type: Article


This work is an essay on the dissemination of anatomical knowledge in Canary Islands, with special reference to Tenerife, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in particular between the late 1840s and the thirties of the twentieth century. It studies the role played by the media (newspapers and magazines) in the generalization of morphological knowledge. It also discusses the circulation of books and didactic materials on this subject, both from the medical perspective and from the perspective of the drawing of the body. It consists of the following sections: The authoress of the anatomical drawing; anatomy books. Between advertising and creative imagination; a special chapter: Dr. Auzoux preparations; the discourse of the body: to divulge anatomy; the hopes of the new century; Ramón y Cajal, the wise and his circumstances; Cajal in El Progreso of Tenerife and some brief conclusions.