Expectativas del profesorado hacia los menores que participan en las aulas de convivenciauna revisión de la literatura científica.

  1. Amanda Moya Regalado
  2. Itahisa Pérez Pérez
Educación e Inclusión: Aportes y perspectivas de la Educación Comparada para la Equidad
  1. María Inmaculada González Pérez (coord.)
  2. Antonio Francisco Canales Serrano (coord.)

Editorial: Servicio de Publicaciones

ISBN: 978-84-16471-19-5

Año de publicación: 2018

Páginas: 97-104

Congreso: Congreso Nacional de Educación Comparada (16. 2018. Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Tipo: Aportación congreso

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This paper presents a review of the existing scientific literature on the expectations of teachers regarding the future of children who participate in the Classrooms of Coexistence (CC) and the stigmatization that these students can present for participating in said resource. This study framed in the theory of the Pygmalion Effect of Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968). This paradigm assumes and defends that the academic-social beliefs that the teachers present about the students directly influence their behavior. Some thirty researches have been selected that met the following requirements: a) published between 1960 and 2017, b) that were written in English or Spanish, c) that the subjects studied were teachers or students of the coexistence classrooms and d) that analyzed expectations or stigmatization, all obtained from databases such as Isoc and dialnet.Being a systematic study results are not obtained,simply it is intended to clear the ground, provide data for the clarification of the object of study, concluding, among other aspects, that the expectations of the faculty do influence the behavior of the student participating in the CC.