Las exigencias de la Cooperaciónun imperativo ético

  1. Martín Hurtado, María Daniela
Educación e Inclusión: Aportes y perspectivas de la Educación Comparada para la Equidad
  1. Inmaculada González Pérez (coord.)
  2. Antonio Fco. Canales Serrano (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de La Laguna

ISBN: 978-84-16471-19-5

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 715-718

Congress: Congreso Nacional de Educación Comparada (16. 2018. Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Type: Conference paper


Cooperation demands: an ethical imperative. In this post-modern globalization, where communication technology has blurred the idea of distance and time, and ways of living appears on slogans, the concept of «cooperation» presents itself with the nature of a principle. A principle brings a «one way» interpretation, and so in this case, the idea of solidarity to achieve social improvements. Therefore, political conflicts, ideological confusions, and the increasingly weak economies have turned out in social crisis and have been fueled «cooperation policies» by particular interest and values. What is cooperation? What values does it respond to? This essay is focus on understand how de term «cooperation» is built and defined. The intentionality in creating relations and producing interactions for cooperation is been a point of study. Equity, justice and social inclusion are ideals of cooperation -as a way of international relationship and education -as the way to transform realities-, however, we must distinguish possibles distortions of objectives, because in Cooperation there should not be neither competition, nor winner, but shared solidarity, teamwork and worldview for peace and life.