Metafísica y realidad virtual¿Pueden ser realidades virtuales el Universo y la mente?

  1. Manuel Liz
Análisis. Revista de investigación filosófica

ISSN: 2386-8066

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 8

Issue: 1

Pages: 47-72

Type: Article

DOI: 10.26754/OJS_ARIF/ARIF.202115314 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor


New technologies are changing our world. And philosophy cannot keep out. Neither can its more speculative parts. In this paper, we analyze the notion of virtual reality in relation to four basic meanings. The virtual can be related with the idea of appearance, of potentiality, of mediation and of construction. In connection with that density of meaning, we explore several possibilities of virtuality for two limit cases: the Universe and the mind. And we argue for three theses about virtual reality: 1) that a total virtual reality should be generated in a completely unusual way from our points of view, 2) that the virtual refuses to admit an appearance/reality distinction, and 3) that the possibility that the entire Universe is a total virtual reality forces us to assume the truth of artificial intelligence in a strong sense.