Unmanned aerial vehicles modelling and control design. A multi-objective optimization approach

  1. Jesús Velasco Carrau
Supervised by:
  1. Sergio García-Nieto Rodríguez Director
  2. Francesc Xavier Blasco Ferragud Director

Defence university: Universitat Politècnica de València

Year of defence: 2020

  1. María Tomás Rodríguez Chair
  2. Juan Manuel Herrero Durá Secretary
  3. Sergio Esteban Roncero Committee member

Type: Thesis


This thesis presents the results of the research work carried out on the modelling and design of controllers for micro-unmanned aerial vehicles by means of multi-objective optimization techniques. Two main fields of study are present throughout it. On one hand, the study of how to model and control small aerial platforms. And, on the other, the study on the use of heuristic multi-objective optimization techniques to apply in the process of models and controllers parameterization in micro-unmanned aerial vehicles. The main result is a series of tools that make it possible manage without wind tunnel experiments or high-cost air-data sensors, going directly to the use of experimental flight data in the parametric identification of dynamic models. In addition, a demonstration is given on how the use of multi-objective optimization tools in different phases of controller development helps to increase knowledge about the platform to be controlled and increases the reliability and robustness of the controllers developed, reducing the risk of hoping from the initial design phases to validation in real flight.