Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

  1. Laura Miraut Martín ed. lit.
  2. Mariusz Załucki ed. lit.
  3. Rubén Miranda Gonçalves coord.
  4. Aleksandra Partyk coord.

Publisher: Dykinson

ISBN: 978-84-1377-817-4

Year of publication: 2021

Type: Book


We are publishing this book as the result of a research project carried out by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain and AFM Krakow University in Poland. Some parts of it were already announced during a scientific Conference organised remotely in Kraków in October 2020. It is now time to present the research findings in writing. The issue of Artificial Intelligence has long raised questions and interests, including those of legal science. A number of problems have not yet been widely analysed, despite the fact that the present time is undoubtedly a time of technological challenges. Therefore, in the presented publication, prepared by the international scientific community, under our scientific guidance, the authors try to analyse the areas which, in their opinion and in our opinion, required such analysis. The leitmotif of our scientific work was human rights and their relationship with Artificial Intelligence. In presenting the research results in this book, we realise that a number of issues still need to be clarified. Nevertheless, we hope that the work presented for the reader’s consideration will constitute an interesting voice in the discussion, a point of reference for all those dealing with the legal issues of new technologies and the protection of human rights