Estudio preliminar del seguimiento farmacoterapéutico de la hipertensión arterial en la farmacia comunitaria

  1. Chaxiraxi Morales Marrero 1
  2. Estefanía Dorta 1
  3. Susana Abdala Kuri 1
  4. Alexis Oliva Martin 1
  5. Sandra Dévora Gutiérrez 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna (España)
Majorensis: Revista Electrónica de Ciencia y Tecnología

ISSN: 1697-5529

Datum der Publikation: 2021

Nummer: 17

Seiten: 78-87

Art: Artikel

Andere Publikationen in: Majorensis: Revista Electrónica de Ciencia y Tecnología


Introduction: high blood pressure is the most prevalent cardiovascular diseases. It affects 1,130 million people in the world, which makes its detection, control and monitoring necessary in people with this pathology. Objective: the objective of our work is to assess the influence pharmaceutical care has on the degree of improvement and control of disease in a group of hypertensive patients in a pharmacy in an urban neighborhood. Methodology: This is a prospective observational study of pre-post intervention type, no control group, single-center consecutive sampling. Results: of the 23 patients who began the study, only 56.5% completed it. The remaining 43.5% did not want to continue the arranged visits. The data collected show that only 41.7% of patients had an optimal level of knowledge about their medication at baseline, however, thanks to the intervention of the pharmacist, this percentage increased by 16.6 % at the end of it. The score on the Visual Analogue Scale was also positive obtained an increase of 3.8 points after the pharmaceutical intervention. Conclusions: it was concluded that a change in our lifestyle can prevent presenting pathologies such as hypertension that may result in more severe illnesses. One way is by increasing the effectiveness of adherence to interventions and could be more efficient than any specific pharmacological treatment results. The role of the pharmacist is essential to provide better service to improve the quality of life of patients who come to the pharmacy.