Loro Parque es un lugarArtificios del paraíso natural

  1. Carmelo Vega de la Rosa
Cartas Diferentes: Revista Canaria de Patrimonio Documental

ISSN: 1699-9037

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 16-17

Pages: 77-92

Type: Article

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  • Year 2020
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  • Field: DOCUMENTACIÓN Quartile: C4 Rank in field: 21/25


  • Social Sciences: D


In the historical construction of an image of the Canary Islands, the appeal to the paradisiaca) character has been a constant theme on which the different processes of representation and identification of the territory and of Canarian culture are articulated. The fictional creation of spaces, through nature theme parks or designed recreations of the landscape (as in the case of golf courses), represent the contemporary version - traversed by the dynamics of tourism- of the same system of choice and affirmation of an idea of geographical and cultural spaces used by the naturalists and the Romantic travellers of the 19th century, since, after ali, theirs was also a partial view, conditioned and adapted to the ways of seeing and experiencing the fictions of the world.