Ritual spaces in Las Cabezas, Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife)

  1. Beatriz Gallego-Girona
  2. Mercedes del-Arco-Aguilar
  3. Mª del Carmen del-Arco-Aguilar
  4. Emilio Atiénzar-Armas
  5. Emilio Rivero-Padilla
Canarias Arqueológica: Arqueología-Bioantropología

Year of publication: 2021

Issue Title: Symposium in memoriam Arthur C. Aufderheide the scientist, the friend ( 1922-2013)

Issue: 22

Pages: 251-268

Type: Article


lt contributes to the knowledge of the funerary practices and rituals ín the Guanche Society, presenting the bioanthropology study and several materials from the sepulchral caves Las Cabezas (lcod de los Vinos). These materials, originally comíng from the Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros y Moas Archaeology Collection, are shown with the objectíve of highlíghting the spatial contextualization with other Rock Carving Sites.