El gol como objetivo motor del fútbol:Tendencias encontradas en laspublicaciones científicas

  1. Rómulo Díaz Díaz
  2. Ulises Castro Núñez
  3. José Hernández Moreno
  4. Antonio Gómez Rijó
  5. Juan P. Ribas

ISSN: 1989-2837

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 30

Pages: 56-72

Type: Article

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Soccer belongs to the group of sports whose motor objective is to take the ball to a goal. The goal is the motorobjective of football and its study is of interest to researchers and coaches. The purpose of this contribution is toexamine the trends in scientific publications regarding the goal as a motor objective in soccer. Searches for articles(21 years) were carried out in a database specialized in sports research, considering three aspects: components ofthe dynamics of the game, factors of the motor objective "goal" and profile of the publications. The “goal” has 18%more weight in the published articles than the “attack”, 21.8% more than the “tactic” and 12.2% more than the“technique”. "Score", "shot on goal" and "goals scored" together have 30% more weight in academic journal articlesthan the sum of the remaining factors (penalty shoot-out, direct free kick, own goal, goal attempt, final result, scoreand goals avoided or stopped). The journals where more content is published on the "goal" (specifically on the "score") have a good impact factor (quartiles 1 and 2) and the articles are mostly British (23.94%) and Spanish(16.9%).

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