Iterated integrals of orthogonal polynomials and applications

  1. Rivero Castillo, Daniel Alberto
Supervised by:
  1. Héctor Esteban Pijeira Cabrera Director

Defence university: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 17 May 2017

  1. Francisco Marcellán Español Chair
  2. Ramón Angel Orive Rodríguez Secretary
  3. Wilfredo Urbina Romero Committee member

Type: Thesis


The purpose of this doctoral thesis is on the one hand the study of algebraic and analytical properties of families of polynomials obtained by iterated integration until a fixed order m, of families of orthogonal polynomials with respect to a measure supported in the real line or an arc of the unit circle. On the other hand, create an algorithm for edge detection on gray scale digital images using linear combinations of two dimensional Krawtchouk polynomials.