ISIM: un instrumento de observación de la sesión informativa de mediación

  1. Triana Aguirre Delgado 1
  2. María de África Borges del Rosal 1
  3. María Aránzazu Calzadilla Medina 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna

    Universidad de La Laguna

    San Cristobal de La Laguna, España


Amazônica - Revista de Psicopedagogia, Psicologia escolar e Educação

ISSN: 2318-8774

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 13

Issue: 2, jul-dez

Pages: 365-393

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D


One of the fundamental parts of the mediation process is the information session where the mediator informs the parties about aspects related to the procedure and the mediation. The importance of this part lies in the fact that, depending on how the mediator transmits the contents of the process and the organizational aspects of the mediation, it will favor the commitment and motivation of the parties and will contribute to an adequate development of the rest of the process. Therefore, the aim of this research is to design and test the psychometric quality of an observation instrument that collects the contents that should be presented at the beginning of the process, allows the analysis of the mediator's behavior in this phase, and can be used for the training of mediators. The results show that the Instrumento de Observación de la Sesión Informativa de Mediación (ISIM v.2) meets the precision criteria of an observation instrument. In summary, the relevance of the information session resides in the fact that it is not only a mere exposition of contents, but it is considered the access door to mediation and has an educational function independently of the beginning or not of the process, constituting itself as a predictor of the success of the process. Undoubtedly, the development of instruments that allow the operationalization of these behaviors is essential for the training of mediators.Keywords: mediation, information session, observational methodology, education.