Estudio de los factores de riesgo vascular y de las concentraciones séricas de los mediadores de las respuesta inflamatoria en una población con enfermedad vascular de la retina

Supervised by:
  1. Francisco Santolaria Fernández Director
  2. Melchor Angel Rodríguez Gaspar Director
  3. Antonio Milena Abril Director

Defence university: Universidad de La Laguna

Fecha de defensa: 15 February 2008

  1. Carlos Emilio González Reimers Chair
  2. Antonio Martínez Riera Secretary
  3. Alicia Conde Martel Committee member
  4. Miguel Ángel Serrano García Committee member
  5. Pedro Peña Quintana Committee member
  1. Medicina Interna, Dermatología y Psiquiatría

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 145769 DIALNET


We study vascular risk factors, atherosclerotic disease established, abnormal clotting, including FV Leiden mutation and PT GA 20210, and inflammatory markers (TNF-?, IL-6, IL-10 and PCR) in 284 patients with vascular occlusive eye disease (vein thrombosis- VT, arterial occlusion-AO and NOIA). The prevalence of risk factors is high in all cases. There are no differences between inflammatory markers or homocysteine among various eye diseases, but with regard to controls: increased PCR and decreased IL-10. TNF-?, IL-6 or CRP rise in DM, peripheral vascular disease, or carotid atherosclerotic plaques. Patients with AO have a lower incidence of overweight and more extraocular vasculopathy, seeming expression of systemic atherosclerosis. The TV is associated with arterial hypertension and LVH. The prothrombotic study was not useful to distinguish forms of retinal vascular occlusion.