Children’s exposure to screen and technologywhat is the impact in the development of language and behaviour?

  1. Vasconcelos Monteiro, Diana Rita
Supervised by:
  1. Sandra Raquel Gonçalves Fernandes Director
  2. Francisco Nuno Rocha Gonçalves Director

Defence university: Universidade de Vigo

Fecha de defensa: 10 January 2023

  1. Teresa González Pérez Chair
  2. Jesús Deibe Fernández Simo Secretary
  3. Rafaela Rosário Vieira Committee member

Type: Thesis


Since television emerged, much has been studied about the impact of children's exposure to this type of media, as well as films and DVDs. The results have indicated both positive influences on language acquisition and literacy, and negative influences in areas such as language, attention, nutrition and children's behavior. More recently, the rapid technological evolution that has occurred has caused great changes in society and consequently has brought new habits of play and interaction for children. Currently, it is questioned what impact exposure to screens (television, computers, smartphones, tablets, internet) has on children's development, and more specifically on the acquisition and development of language and their cognitive and social skills. This study aims to analyze how exposure to screens influences children's linguistic and behavioral development.