Entre la verdad y la mentiraReleyendo a Freire para desenmascarar el mundo hoy

  1. Morales Domonell, Paula 1
  2. Martín Hurtado, María Daniela 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna (España)
RIESED: Revista Internacional de Estudios sobre Sistemas Educativos

ISSN: 2007-9117

Year of publication: 2021

Issue Title: Número Especial: El Pensamiento Emancipador en América Latina: Crónicas de un viaje por las ideas de libertad y dignidad

Volume: 3

Issue: 12

Pages: 191-206

Type: Article

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The idea of introducing Paulo Freire's concept of education to the present day has interesting connotations at all levels. This work is a reflection not derived from empirical research. It is an analysis of the technical and supposedly neutral discourses as ways of disengaging from the world and the emergence of fake news. Based on the ideas of Huxley, Heidegger, Frankl and other 21st century thinkers, similarities and differences are raised, leading to the realization that Freire's transformative and committed stance is a way of deactivating both networks of ignorance. The most important conclusion is that those who are dedicated to education in a critical way should be encouraged to rediscover the work of an author who made his own life a pedagogical poem based on the questioning of what surrounds us.