Epistemología, Pandemia, Dignidad

  1. González-Luis, María Lourdes 1
  2. Pais Álvarez, Natalia 1
  3. Martín Hurtado, María Daniela 1
  1. 1 Universidad de la Laguna (ULL), España
RIESED: Revista Internacional de Estudios sobre Sistemas Educativos

ISSN: 2007-9117

Year of publication: 2021

Issue Title: Número Especial Los impactos de la pandemia COVID-19 en la gestión y práctica de la tarea educativa

Volume: 3

Issue: 11

Pages: 3-18

Type: Article

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In a world of “urgent selective matters”, the criterion of utility has been imposed, that exiles and ignores all knowledge considered "useless" by not providing profitability. The aim of this reflection is to influence the differences between what is useful and what is valuable and to question the argumentation that makes techno-sciences prevail over the humanities and the arts, especially in the pandemic scenario. The change in social dynamics and interpersonal distancing, comes to consolidate the technological, virtualized life. We question, then, what inertias drag us down and how the uncertainties generated affect the dignity of human life. These two totems, usefulness, and uselessness, appear, balancing themselves as epistemological priorities of our time, calling for the act of educating a critical and transforming bet from the ethical and the political.