Model S.O.N.I.A.Application To The Management of Oil Spills At Sea.

  1. A.U. Gomez
  2. J.R. Bergueiro
  3. A.M. Michelangueli
Journal of maritime research: JMR

ISSN: 1697-4840

Año de publicación: 2015

Volumen: 12

Número: 1

Páginas: 25-36

Tipo: Artículo

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What should be done before a damaged oil ship? Should we get away him from the shore in any case, or sometimes it can be more convenient move him to a shelter area , where you can carry out the transfer of fuel on safety conditions ?. Three simulations of tanker accidents near the ports of Palma, Maó and Eivissa will serve to develop a usable manual decision-making to this type of disaster. The manual will determine under what condition is better one or the other solution, specify the minimum conditions of security, (infrastructure, services, personnel, etc.), that must have a port or refuge area.