Department: Medicina Física y Farmacología

Area: Pharmacology

Research group: Inmunología Celular y Viral

Research group: Movement and health lresearch group


Área de investigación: Ciencias de la Salud

Doctor by the Universitat de Barcelona with the thesis Interaccion entre el virus del sida y los linfocitos t. Alteraciones funcionales mediadas por ecto-adenosina desaminasa y cd26 1998. Supervised by Dr. Rafael Franco Fernandez.

Biochem. and Mol. Biol. PhD on HIV/AIDS” (University Barcelona; pre-doctoral excellence fellowship "CIRIT, Generalitat de Catalunya”, 1993-1997). 1996, international predoctoral fellowship (CIRIT) @Department AIDS/Retrovirus Pasteur Institute (Paris, France) directed by Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008). Postdoctoral stage (1998-2002) @Viral Immunology Unit, Drs. Jean-Louis Virelizier & Fernando Arenzana-Seisdedos (Pasteur Institute), studying new discovered first co-receptor for HIV-1, CXCR4 & its SDF-1 ligand (Teaching & Research fellowship Staff, MEC (1998) which I renounced by a Marie Curie European Program Contract (1998-2000), acquiring status of -Contracted researcher Pasteur-, extended with French ANRS contract (2000-Feb. 2003)). Here, we described SDF-1 anti-HIV action, characterizing HSPG/SDF-1 complex and SDF-1 anti-HIV dysregulation by inflammatory proteinases. Collaborator in several research projects & with Hybrigenics SA searching for antivirals. 2003, ranked 3rd national @Ramón y Cajal Program, Medicine Area (Feb. 2003-2007). Working @Faculty of Medicine “Universidad Autónoma Madrid”. 2005, I founded my own research group (Cellular & Viral Immunology). “Outstanding Evaluation” for entire scientific career (I3 Programme; 2007), acquiring Professor status @ULL(Universidad de La Laguna). Here, we described HIV-pore fusion formation mechanism, involving cytoskeleton and membrane dynamics (i.e. moesin, gelsolin, HDAC6, Arf6 & PI4P-5KIa). Working @National AIDS Network (RIS-RETIC/ISCiii; Jan 2012-Jan. 2022). We first reported that viral primary non-infectious Envs are responsible for LTNP-EC clinical phenotype, and Envs from VNP & RP patients promote late autophagy and bystander cell-death. We described key HIV infection mechanisms, new proviral & anti-viral factors (i.e. Vif, Nef, HDAC6, the restriction HDAC6/A3G complex and its autophagy action, TDP-43 and TDP-43/HDAC6 axis). I created @ULL-Biosafety Level 2+ Lab facility, Authorized by General Direction-Health Council, Canary Island Gov. (2017, renewed Sept.2021). I promoted technology transfer actions (TTAs) to develop new molecular technologies for Zika virus diagnosis with BioAssasy (2018-2021). I collaborate in two other TTAs: D&T-DENT project (rare disease genome diagnostics, HUNSC; 2020-2024) and MICROFAVAR project (new microscopy technology for virus/cell imaging, Wooptix; 2020-2024). These TTAs are in the frame of the “Agustin de Betancourt” Transfer Knowlegde Programme of the Cabildo de Tenerife Gov.”. In Covid-19 pandemics, designated board member of the Canarian Gov. Scientific Advisor Committee (“Orden 55/2020-Libro:232; 3/02/2020”), helping HUNSC hospital in RT-qPCR diagnosis and monitoring SARS-CoV-2 VOCs circulating in the Canary Islands. FIS Panelist (“AES”-ISCiii) and FIPSE evaluator for Infectious Diseases/AIDS projects (2006-2014). Expert evaluator in ANRS-INSERM French Agency for HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis (2009-2013), in MRC (UK) and Ministerio della Salute (Italia) committees (last 5 years). ANEP evaluator for Projects and Scientific Infrastructures (from 2007), and “HIV HGM Biobank” advisor (from 2013). National BIR positions-Immunology expert (2020-nowdays). Promoting scientific knowledge in media (national & international) with @SciArt3D FabLab-ULL I cofounded) on HIV/Covid-19/Immunity/Emerging diseases & Preparedness against 21st century challenges. PI of 23 competitive research projects (19 nationals), cooperating 1 EU project, hiring 4 postdoctoral personnel (1 “Juan dl Cierva Incorp.”, ranked 2nd national), trained 11 predoctoral contracts with international projection, and I directed-supervised 8 Thesis (6 international) & 2 more in progress. 6 book chapters Immunology & Pharmacology, with >80 publications JCR-ISI indexed in Virology/Immunology (Hindex 28, i10 40, >3,700 citations). Scientific adviser Gov.Can and HUNCS hospital in the COVID-19 crisis (2020-2022).