Department: Ingeniería Informática y de Sistemas

Area: Systems Engineering and Automation

Research group: Ingeniería de Control y Sistemas Inteligentes


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Área de investigación: Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Doctor by the Universidad de La Laguna with the thesis Desarrollo de estrategias de control predictivas de alto rendimiento mediante la incorporación de técnicas de control robusto y de redes neuronales 1998. Supervised by Dr. Leopoldo Acosta Sánchez.

Juan Albino Méndez is Professor of Systems Engineering and Automation at the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering. His research line focuses on control engineering (predictive control, modeling and intelligent control). He has created a multidisciplinary group around Control Engineering. As a result of this multidisciplinary research proposal, different research projects have been developed in collaboration with the Hospital Universitario de Canarias focused on the development of automatic systems for the control of the anesthetic process. Important contributions were done in this area in modelling of the anesthetic process. Also, different approaches (PID with delay compensation, fuzzy control, predictive control) were successfully applied to control the hypnotic state of patients undergoing anesthesia. Another line of research in which the group is involved is the intelligent monitoring and control of energy systems. In this field, it is collaborating with different entities and companies to advance in the efficient management of energy and the decarbonization of the Canarian economy.