Department: Historia y Filosofía de la Ciencia, la Educación y el Lenguaje

Area: Logic and Philosophy of Science


Área de investigación: Artes y Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Salamanca with the thesis Formalización de sistemas. El enfoque sistémico y el uso de modelos en ciencia y tecnología 1991. Supervised by Dr. José Manuel Méndez Rodríguez.

Margarita Vázquez Campos was born in La Coruña (Spain)in 1961. She graduated in philosophy from the University of Salamanca in 1984. She completed her dissertation in 1985 with the title "Hacia una formalización lógica del tiempo. El sistema OT". PhD in philosophy by the University of Salamanca in 1990 with the thesis entitled "Formalización de sistemas. El enfoque sistémico y el uso de modelos en ciencia y tecnología". Since 1986, she is a professor at the University of La Laguna. In 1995 she obtained the position of "Profesora titular" of the area of "lógica y filosofía de la ciencia". She teaches in the Faculty of Humanities, mainly logic and philosophical analysis. She has coordinated and directed several masters and doctoral programs. Currently he teaches non-classical logics in an interuniversity master's degree in Philosophy Research and directs two doctoral theses (one on epistemic and hybrid logic, other in pluralism and multidimensionality, and the other on points of view and popular culture). She has directed TFMs and TFGs on the topics of logic, time and perspectivism. Her main lines of research have been the philosophy of technology, systems dynamics and temporal logic. In recent years he has focused mainly on the notion of point of view and its relation to time. She has been visiting scholar at the Higher School of Engineers of Seville (as a result of which he collaborated very closely with Javier Aracil), at the University of Southern California (continuing his specialization in Systems Dynamics) and at the Institut de Recherche in Informatique of Toulouse (on computer applications of temporal logic). At the beginning of her research career she participated in research projects, national and international, led by Miguel Angel Quintanilla, Fernando Broncano and Alfonso Bravo. In recent years, she has participated in projects, of the Spanish National Plan, at the University of La Laguna led by Manuel Liz or by herself. All these last projects are focused on different aspects of the notion of point of view. The results of these projects have been presented in invited sessions at the last world congresses in philosophy (Athens 2013 and Beijing 2018). She has published in important journals as Foundations of Science, Logique et Analyse or Análisis Filosófico. She has also edited, with Manuel Liz, a book in Springer Verlag and has chapters of other books in the same editorial. Since the online publication of this book on August 15, 2015, there has been a total of 3,331 chapter downloads. Her most cited article is "Knowledge and reality: some conceptual issues in system dynamics modelling", published in 1996 with Manuel Liz and Javier Aracil in the System Dynamics Review. Margarita Vázquez has got five "sexenios de investigación" from the ANECA. The last one in 2019.