Department: Análisis Matemático

Research institute: The Institute of Mathematics and Applications

Area: Applied Mathematics


Área de investigación: Ciencias

Doctor by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with the thesis Nonlocal problems in partial differential equations 2013. Supervised by Dr. Ireneo Peral, Dr. Fernando Soria de Diego.

(Last update: February 2021) Other aspects related with the scientific research of B.Barrios are summarized as follows: i) Begoña has supervised one European master thesis (UAM-Statale Milano) in Mathematics, one End-degree project in Mathematics (ULL) four end-degree projects in applied mathematics in pharmaceutics sciences. She is supervising a new end-masther tesis in the course 2020/21. ii) She has obtained the special prize in the higher degree (ULL) and the PhD-special prize (UAM). iii) She is a member of two national R&D projects (MEC) and has her own proyect Ramon y Cajal. iv) The researcher has been an international Postdoc project evaluator (FONDECYT) in 2016 and 2019. She is part of the expert commite of Postdoc evaluator (CaixaBank-ULL) junior and senior. She has an active activity as referee in international journals indexed in the JCR list. v) She has enjoyed three competitive Postdoc grants (Ramon Areces, Juan de la Cierva Formación FJCI-2014 and Ramon y Cajal RYC-2018), one competitive Predoc grant (FPIMEC) and two competitive grants dedicate to introduce the undergraduate students in the research work (Collaboration-MEC, CSIC). vi) Begoña has done scientific stays in Rome (Italy), Milan (Italy), Calabria (Italy), Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso (Chile), Austin (USA), Madrid (Spain), Granada (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). vii) The researcher has given 22 invited talks in international conferences and 12 invited seminars in national and international universities. She has been invited to give a plenary talk in the next "Congreso de Jóvenes RSME 2020" and as a invited speaker in one of the minisymposium in the ECM 2021 (Slovenia). viii) She has been part of the organizing committee of five international conferences and two interuniversity seminars. She is part of the scientific committee of the bienal congress RSME 2021 (posponed 2022) and she is one of the main organizers of an international summer school that will be held in the Hausdorff Institute of Bonn in 2021.