Department: Filología Española

Research institute: INULAB institute

Research institute: IEMYR institute

Area: Spanish Language

Research group: Análisis de la Instrucción Gramatical ELE


Área de investigación: Artes y Humanidades

Javier Medina López is Full Professor of Spanish Language at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain), where he carries out his teaching and research work. His lines of research include studies on forms of address (sociolinguistics), historical-dialectal aspects of Canarian and American Spanish, the history of the Spanish language and discourse analysis (studies on politeness and impoliteness). Author of, among others, the books "Sociolinguistics of treatment in a rural community (Buenavista del Norte. Tenerife)", Tenerife (1993), "The Spanish of America and the Canary Islands from a historical perspective", Madrid (1995), " The Spanish of the Canary Islands today: analysis and perspectives", Madrid-Frankfurt (1996), "Language in contact", Madrid (1997), "Anglicism in current Spanish", Madrid (1998), "History of the Spanish language I Medieval Spanish", Madrid, (1999) and "The Spanish of the Canary Islands in its Atlantic dimension. (Historical and linguistic aspects)", Valencia (1999). Likewise, he is the author of numerous articles related to his research areas that have been published in national and international congress proceedings and specialized journals. He has also dedicated intense work to university management, occupying numerous positions at the University of La Laguna.