Department: Ciencias Médicas Básicas

Research institute: The purpose of the ITB is the development and promotion of biomedical research of excellence, with a translational orientation and in relation to the biosanitary needs of its social environment.

Research institute: IUEM accommodates teachers and researchers from the University of La Laguna whose interests are directed to women's studies and gender theory.

Area: Physiology

Research group: Bases Moleculares de Canalopatías Humanas

Research group: INNOTICHS


Research field: Ciencias de la Salud

Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Mecanismos de modulación de los canales erg y su relación con las variaciones de actividad eléctrica y ca2* intracelular en células adenohipofisarias 2001. Supervised by Dr. Pilar de la Peña Cortines, Dr. Francisco Barros de la Roza.