Department: Bellas Artes

Area: Drawing

Research group: Diseño y fabricación digital

Research group: Grupo de Investigación e Innovación en Diseño


Research field: Artes y Humanidades

Designer, maker, and researcher. She graduated in Design from the University of La Laguna and holds a master's degree in Multimedia Applications from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Currently, she is working on her doctoral thesis in the Arts and Humanities Doctoral Program at the University of La Laguna, under an FPI ACIISI contract affiliated with the Department of Fine Arts. She is a member of the Research and Innovation Group in Design and the Digital Design and Fabrication Group, and is also associated with the Fab Lab ULL. Her thesis focuses on the use of maker culture for the development of social and community projects in the local territory through mapping maker laboratories and conducting a case study on a declining craft. Additionally, she provides teaching support in the Design Degree program at the University and has also done an international research mobility at the Polifactory in the Politecnico di Milano.