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  1. Cosmology from quasar microlensing

    Ana Esteban Gutiérrez

    Supervised by Evencio Mediavilla Gradolph
  2. Evolved planetary systems around white dwarfs: probing into the ultimate fate of the solar system

    Paula Izquierdo Sánchez

    Supervised by Pablo Rodríguez Gil
  3. Ionised gas flows in the Orion Nebula: properties and environmental dependences

    José Eduardo Méndez Delgado

    Supervised by César Antonio Esteban López
  4. Measurement of Boron, Carbon and Oxygen Fluxes as Function of Time with The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

    Alejandro Reina Conde

    Supervised by Ramón Jesús García López
  5. On the nature of quiet sun magnetic fields

    Juan Carlos Trelles Arjona

    Supervised by Basilio Ruiz Cobo


  1. El papel de los estallidos de formación estelar en la formación y evolución de galaxias

    Alejandro Lumbreras Calle

    Supervised by Jairo Méndez Abreu


  1. Fundamental parameters for low-mass stars in eclipsing binaries: the mass-radius relation

    Ramón Iglesias Marzoa

    Supervised by María Jesús Arévalo Morales
  2. Massive stars in cygnus ob2

    Sara Rodríguez Berlanas

    Supervised by Artemio Herrero Davó
  3. Probe arm motion techniques for miradas multi-object spectrograph

    Josep Sabater Morros

    Supervised by Santiago Torres Álvarez y Francisco Garzón López
  4. Shedding light on globular cluster formation: age and chemical composition in the multiple stellar population scenario

    Matteo Simioni

    Supervised by Antonio Aparicio Juan