Análisis de la investigación cualitativa en educación desarrollada en el estado español

  1. Remedios Guzmán Rosquete
  2. Dolores Lidia Cabrera Pérez
  3. Juan Yanes González
  4. Juan Fernando Castro de Paz
Qurriculum: Revista de Teoría, Investigación y Práctica Educativa

ISSN: 1130-5371

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 21

Pages: 157-184

Type: Article

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In this article we presented the results of a review on the qualitative research in education developed in Spanish, from its beginnings to the present time. The objectives were to analyze how and when east type of research begins, which were the characteristics of the sociopolitical context in which it takes place, as well as its repercussions, and how it has been his development. For that reason, in the first place we do a brief one historical and social analysis, to later interpret the production of knowledge generated around this methodologic modality. Finally, an analysis becomes of the strategies of collection and used analyses of information in the qualitative investigation, as much in those of interpretative cut like in the oriented ones to the understanding and the change.