¿Con quién vas a la fiesta? la gestión del conflicto entre padres e hijos/as adolescentes

  1. Juan Antonio Rodríguez Hernández
  2. Nieves Correa Rodríguez
  3. Esperanza María Ceballos Vacas
International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology: INFAD. Revista de Psicología

ISSN: 0214-9877

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 6

Issue: 1

Pages: 119-128

Type: Article

DOI: 10.17060/ijodaep.2014.n1.v6.724 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR


Family life may be may be in risk when parents and adolescent face conflicts from closed positions. The processes of conflict demand perspectivism competences as an essential resource to facilitate the achievement of satisfactory arrangements for all through adequate argumentation. The purpose of this paper has been to analyze the skills of parents and adolescents to adopt other perspectives when discussing a conflict by means of observational methodology. The study was carried out with 29 families (constituted by father, mother and an adolescent son or daughter) who were recorded while they argued about a real conflict. Frequency of five levels of perspective-taking were registered (Myself; Reasoned myself; The other like an obstacle; The other adding to me; and Us) in the discourse of the family, and also in the different members of the triad, considering their interrelations. The results were showing a moderated level of perspective-taking in family discussions, predominating the levels Reasoned myself, focused on explaining own perspective, and The other like an obstacle, focused on reasons to contest the perspective of the other. In general parents showed more perspective-taking. Particularly the mothers exhibited more sensitivity with her adolescent son or daughter, providing higher levels of perspective-taking and argumentation.