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  1. Atilio Doreste Alonso
  2. Ernesto Suárez Rodríguez
Diálogos urbanos: Confluencias entre arte y ciudad
  1. Joan Llaveria Arasa (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Centro de Investigación Arte y Entorno

ISBN: 978-84-690-9563-8

Year of publication: 2008

Pages: 145-158

Congress: Diálogos urbanos. Confluencias entre arte y ciudad (1. 2006. Valencia)

Type: Conference paper

Export: RIS


The development of an experience, as a possible reflection of a general condition, in diffusion of values relative to the sustainability, in order to the importance of proportionality feedback of different concepts that surround the phenomenon of the urban and environmental coexistence, from the aesthetic experience, and the economic use of the landscape in Santa Maria de Guia.