Intersticios urbanosreflexiones a partir de un caos

  1. Atilio Doreste Alonso
Ciudades (im)propias: la tensión entre lo global y lo local
  1. Luis Armand Buendía (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Centro de Investigación Arte y Entorno

ISBN: 978-84-694-2906-8

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 273-284

Congress: Ciudades globales, espacios locales (2. 2009. Valencia)

Type: Conference paper

Export: RIS


Important interventions in urban environment focus the social and political attention and become examples of creative ideation with a vocation for citizens. However, there are some imprecise gaps in the aesthetic evolution of the daily scenes that take place, beyond the intention of state intervention. This is their natural behavior - unlikely to be controlled - in those particular places that have worked as the pivotal centre of this photographic proposal, �Intersticios�. This will be the reflective support to obtain a personal theoretical basic sketch of healthy intervening attitudes towards public space.