Integración de las herramientas "Github education" en el aula

  1. Coromoto León Hernández
  2. Gara Miranda Valladares
  3. Casiano Rodríguez León
  4. Eduardo Manuel Segredo González
  5. Carlos Segura González
De la innovación imaginada a los procesos de cambio
  1. Ana Vega Navarro (coord.)
  2. David Stendardi (coord.)

Editorial: Servicio de Publicaciones

ISBN: 978-84-15939-62-7

Ano de publicación: 2018

Páxinas: 333-346

Tipo: Capítulo de libro

Exportar: RIS


The distributed version control system Git has become the de facto standard for managing software projects. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of Git is the success of GitHub, a collaborative development Web platform. GitHub offers all the functionality of Git and integrates various tools for access control, collaboration, task management and project control, all of them in the cloud. Educators from both the academic world related to IT and from outside, are using GitHub in their courses. This paper presents how the Git, GitHub and GitHub Classroom tools have been used to manage the laboratories of several subjects of the degree studies in Computer Engineering. This contribution focuses on motivating this experience, explaining its implementation and discussing the results obtained.