Una iniciativa de difusion y apoyo a los estudios históricosel Aula Canaria de Investigación Histórica (ACIH)

  1. Javier Soler Segura 1
  2. Blanca Divassón Mendívil 1
  3. Víctor Muñoz Gómez 1
  4. Aarón León Álvarez 1
  5. Javier Luis Álvarez Santos 1
  6. Roberto José González Zalacaín 1
  7. Victorio Heredero Gascueña 1
  8. Pablo Jerez Sabater 1
  9. Zebensuí López Trujillo 1
  10. Grecy Pérez Amores 1
  11. Josué David Ramos Martín 1
  1. 1 Aula Canaria de Investigación Histórica (ACIH)
XX Coloquio de Historia Canario-Americana
  1. Elena Acosta Guerrero (coord.)

Publisher: Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria

Year of publication: 2014

Pages: 547-555

Congress: Coloquio de Historia Canario-Americana (20. 2012. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Type: Conference paper

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The Aula Canaria Historical Research (ACIH) is a platform to support research being conducted in and from Canary within the disciplines of History and Anthropology. The works of the association is to share and broadcast information in order to build bridges between researchers, and the general public with an interest in the history of the Islands. This communication analyzes the labor that ACIH has been doing these years and the effects that the economic crisis is having on both disciplines.