Vigilancia tecnológica e inteligencia competitivaUn análisis de la demanda tecnológica en alojamientos turísticos en Canarias

  1. Francisco Javier Calero García
  2. Eduardo Parra-López
  3. Agustín Santana Talavera
Journal of Tourism Analysis = Revista de Análisis Turístico

ISSN: 1885-2564

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 9

Pages: 30-41

Type: Article

Export: RIS


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  • Dialnet Métricas Cited by: 1 (17-09-2021)


  • Social Sciences: C


Technology watch and competitive intelligence are becoming important elements of value for any tourism organization, where observation and analysis of scientific and technological environment are vital tools for making strategic decisions. One of the determining factors for successful innovation in organizations focused on tourism is an adequate monitoring of its tourism technology profiles, defined as the systematic effort by an organization tor search, analysis and dissemination of scientific and technological based on themselves. Allowing the identification of emerging trends and obsoletes in technological development of production processes and link organizations to tourist demands, which prepares the organizations to anticipate changes in the environment. Sets the objective of this study to identify technology needs, demand and customer-rated by users, both in terms of destination and particularly by their category. Also, identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in production processes of the value chain, trying not only to adjust the system to the present moment, but to create the necessary structure to identify future scenarios.