Experimento sobre la discriminación auditiva de las oclusivas tensas grancanarias

  1. Dorta Luis, Josefa
  2. Herrera Santana, Juana
Estudios de fonética experimental

ISSN: 1575-5533

Year of publication: 1993

Issue: 5

Pages: 163-188

Type: Article

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One of the features of the Spanish spoken in Grand Canary (Canary Islands) is the existence of tense plosi ve consonants [b:, d:, y:, g:], when they are preceded by thesegment I-s/. This paper deals with an experiment carried out to see if, in spite of the phonetic absence of that segment, sorne Grand Canarian speakers could identify it in manipulated secuences and isolated from any context, in which secuences lb, d, y, g/ were characterized by a plosion and a greater length