Department: Filología Española

Area: General Linguistics

Research group: Grupo de prosodia, fonética y discurso lingüístico-literario (ProFonDis)


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Área de investigación: Artes y Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de La Laguna with the thesis Modos y tiempos del verbo en la tradición gramatical hispánica desde Nebrija hasta Bello (1492-1860) 1987.

Full Professor at the Department of Spanish Philology in the School of Arts at the University of La Laguna and the founder and director of the Phonetics Laboratory at the same institution, SEGAI ULL. She holds a Degree in Philosophy and Arts, with a specialization in Spanish Philology whose research project was awarded the “Agustín de Bethencourt” prize by the Autonomous Government. She doctorated in 1987 and her dissertation received a class award as outstanding research. She has been visiting professor in prestigious universities such as University of Copenhagen, University of Texas-San Antonio, University of Barcelona, University of Salamanca and Technická Univerzita V Liberci (Prague). Her lines of research are: applied linguistics, prosody, phonetics and phonology, grammatical historiography, discourse analysis and forensic phonetics. She leads the local branch of the international AMPER (Atlas Multimedia de Prosodia del Espacio Románico) project and, in the last years, has been main researcher of the “Entonación interrogativa y declarativa del español de Canarias y su relación con la de Cuba y Venezuela” (Ref. FFI2010-16993) and “Estudio comparativo de la entonación y del acento en zonas fronterizas del español” (FFI2014-52716-P) I+D projects of the "Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia, Subprograma Estatal de Generación del Conocimiento". She has about a hundred and fifty publications (17 books, book chapters and numerous articles) published in high impact journals. Her research has been acknowledged with five periods of six year research. She has attended about 70 national and international congresses (Denmark, Mexico, Germany, France, etc.) and has participated as a guest speaker in various congresses and prestigious courses. She is a member of the scientific committee from various journals ("Estudios de Fonética Experimental, Síntesis Tecnológica..."), and a scientific advisor and/or anonimous reviewer of prestigious journals such as the Journal of Pragmatics, EFE, RESLA, Onomázein, Archivum, Estudios Filológicos, Phonica, Revista de Filología Española del CSIC, Spanish in Context, RILI, etc. In the last years she has lead 4 doctoral thesis, three with international mention and with the extraordinary Arts and Humanities award. She has a wide trajectory in the management of research: organization of numerous specialty courses, congresses and lead and management of research projects and scientific infrastructure with destination the Phonetics Laboratory.