Laboratorio Editorial Canario

  1. Atilio Doreste Alonso
Revista de Bellas Artes: Revista de Artes Plásticas, Estética, Diseño e Imágen

ISSN: 1695-761X

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 8

Pages: 169-172

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: D


«Laboratorio Editorial Canario». L(aboratorio) E(ditorial) C(anario) —the Canaries Publishing Lab— is a project for the study and classification of methodologies aimed at laceration and artistic practice in relation to landscape interpretation within a specific natural context: the island of La Gomera and, in particular, the Garajonay National Park, setting out to produce works in alternating editions developed in an interdisciplinary fashion between a group of artists and poets